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La Kornfest !
Le groupe,
Korn a terminé sa tournée Nord Américaine le 4 avril à Toronto.
Il a déjà confirmé une nouvelle virée l'été prochain.
Le guitariste James "Munky" Shaffer a déclaré : "We're trying to put together something similar to, like, a Family Values kind of a thing. We don't know if we're gonna call it that or not, but we wanna put together something sort of a festival feel, where there's four bands on the main stage and then there's four or five bands on a side stage. We want to make our own Kornfest type of thing.
Metallica : un album hommage
"Master Of Puppets",
un hommage au groupe de vétérans Metallica.
Tracklist :
- 01 Machine Head, "Battery"
- 02 Trivium, "Master Of Puppets"
- 03 Mendeed, "The Thing That Should Not Be"
- 04 Bulletin For My Valentine, "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
- 05 Chimaira, "Disposable Heroes"
- 06 Fightstar, "Leper Messiah"
- 07 Mastadon, "Orion" (instrumental)
- 08 Funeral For A Friend, "Damage, Inc."
Mini tournée pour F*ck... I'm Dead
Le groupe Australien,
F*ck... I'm Dead a confirmé un premier concert à Melbourne le 22 avril, un autre à Sydney le 4 mai et un troisième à Brisbane le 5 mai.
Pour ce dernier concert il sera accompagné de Cryptopsy.
Centinex termine sa carrière
Après 16 années de service,
le groupe Suédois Centinex a décédé de rompre.
Il a annoncé cette fin dans un message : "We hereby announce that after 16 years in the business the swedish death metal act Centinex call it quits. This might come as a surprise to many of you, especially after releasing such a strong and critically acclaimed album as World Declension. However, things came to such a point where the only solution was to call it a day. Without going too deep into all the details, I can tell you that there are many reasons (personal, musical etc) for this decision and believe me, everything is well thought out. Hereby we stop all band activities and our farewell show will be the already booked appearance in Eskilstuna, Sweden, on May 13th."
Black Label Society : un nouvel album
"Shot to Hell",
prochain album du groupe Black Label Society, sera dans les bacs le 3 juillet.
Cette nouvaeuté sort sous le nouveau label du groupe, "Roadrunner Records".